Diabetic Foot

Diabetic foot often occurs in diabetic patients with irregular and high blood sugar.The main reasons causing diabetic foot are neuropathy, meaning loss of sense, which occurs in diabetic patients and impaired circulation. The absence of the ability to feel pain due to loss of sense makes it difficult to feel any kind of normally painful incidents such as striking of a shoe, burning, pricking of a sharp object, ingrown toenail, and nail disorders and therefore causes a delay in taking an action which in turn causes scar formation.

Diabetic foot scar often occurs in the areas of the foot where the pressure is high

In diabetic patients,

  • if the foot skin is warmer and redder than the usual
  • if a scar, the reason of which is unknown, is formed
  • if there are swelling and edema
  • if there is an ingrown toenail

an examination by an expert is needed.

The examination leads to an early diagnosis which makes an on-time surgery possible therefore preventing the organ loss.

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